Photo: Stian Rasmussen

Welcome to the digital diary of my work, play and the many things that fall between.

My home is filled with kinetic energy – things that will surely be of good use one day – balls of twine, reused ribbons, canvas, paints, stretcher bars, pottery in progress, sewing projects, rock collections, driftwood, cow skulls, succulent starts, notebooks with ideas yet to see fruition, art books, cook books, trivia books and a beloved copy of Avedon’s In the American West.

I studied painting, but find it hard to contain my compulsion to create in just one medium. I enjoy fixing things as much as making them, leading my boyfriend to suspect that “the chairs are breeding at night.” I must admit, of all my collections, the yet-to-be-reupholstered chairs take up the most space. My furniture restoration business has evolved into peddling wares of more modest size, giving birth to High Desert Dry Goods, an ecommerce shop paying tribute to my childhood home, the Great Basin.

Since moving to San Francisco, I have spent a couple years as a commercial model (mostly slangin’ jeans at Levi’s), and still stand in front of a camera occasionally if the price is right. I’ve found extra work as a freelance writer, Yosemite tour guide and nanny, and never shy away from an opportunity to avoid the shackles of traditional employment. The abyss of adulthood will always be out there, no need to rush in. . .